TM Landscaping

Branding exercise for a small garden designer

Logo and business card design.

Finger Billiards

Finger Billiards

Internal Nascom iPad game project

A funny iPad game that you can play with a finger combination. I made a custom digital painting for the game home screen. The idea behind the game is an old wooden game box that you can play while traveling.


Smiths campaign website

Claim your balloon and win a cool price. This was the first proposal for a campaign launch.

VAIO ambasador

VAIO – Ambassador

VAIO Ambassador in-store sales application

An application to guide the customer in his sales decision. This applications runs on VAIO computers in a SONY store. Next to the computer lay small brochures which the customer can use to interact with the application to compare or navigate. The customer can take the brochure home and start an online application to compare it again and decide. To compare the computers an augmented reality starts.